Welcome to Join BIGRLAB

The BIGRLAB lead by Professor Su Yu-Sheng. Our LAB aims to apply 「Cloud Computing」,「Big Data Convergence and Discovery」, and 「Data Visualization」technologies:

1.Build up the BIGRLAB room and the virtualization cloud computing environment, such as Python, Java, Hadoop, Spark, OpenCL, CUDA, Openstack, Proxmox, Docker, and other new technologies to deliver products. In addition, we build up the virtualization data recovery system, and we use the multi-CPUs and multi-GPUs distributed technologies to divide into large amounts of data to do the calculation and analysis jobs.
2.Applying Big Data Convergence and Discovery technologies to search the entire Web community affairs information. Furthermore, we presented the daily track work, monitor, collect, process and filtering lots of information on Internet, and upgrade the search research productivity on Internet through Web Mining and Data Visualization technologies.
3.Specially emphasis on training the postgraduate and intern students with academic and practical abilities (for example: to explore and ask questions, collect and analyze literature using the scientific methods to solve problems, and report and display the research results), also we encourage students to participate in special contests which they could learn the knowledge by sharing and teaching in order for them to grow from it.
4.Members in our LAB will have the opportunity to develop with the industry engineers which they could learn about agile software engineering methods and use the Agile software development method to develop the project with the practical experience.

We welcome you to join the "Big Data Research" laboratory, please send an e-mail to Professor Su.

To make an appointment and afterward bring your transcripts and autobiography to the E6-C203 for the interviews.

We normally will reply the e-mail within a day. If the following day you still haven’t received the respond, please make sure the mailing processes is correct and send the e-mail to us again.

BIGR contact numbers: +886-3-4227151 Ext. 57974

Research Topics

    Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization Technologies and Applications
  • High-speed Computing and Data Processing
    Big Data Convergence and Discovery
  • Emotion and Trending Analysis
  • Marketing Opinion Analysis & Processing
  • Social Network Monitoring
    Data Visualization Applications
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Yu-Sheng Su

CSIE CoursesVirtualization technologIES and applications, high-speed computing and data processing, big data analysis
Other CoursesPython / R programming language, web mining, social media Apps

Kun-Ji Lui


Ming-Che He


Liang-Hao He




Cindy Chen


Sin-You Jhang


Rosa Chiu


Jeffery Chiu


Wayne Chang


Cheng Hsin Wang


Pin-Han Tsai



2016 Industry-University Cooperative Research Project "Chinese Documents Similarity and Inductive Research"

2016 Industry-University Cooperative Research Project "Groundwater Pollution Risk Assessment and Traceability Ring Online Domain Simulation Platform"

2016 Industry-University Cooperative Research Project "A Large Number of Coordinate Data Matching Technique"

2015 MOST Research Project "Applied Digital Pen-based in Collaborative Learning Approach to Improve Elementary Students’ Learning Achievement, Learning Motivation and Learning Attitude:An Example of Elementary Mathematics Course"

2015 MOST Government Big Data Research Project “The Application and Research for MoE Education Big Data"

2015 Industry-University Cooperative Research Project "To Enhance Satellite Image Fusion Performance"

2015 Industry-University Cooperative Research Project "High-Speed Parallel Processing Big Data Technologies”

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